This soundtrack is based on a work scene portrayed by one of my interviewees, Mr. Wang, a food delivery rider working in Beijing.
He traveled from time to time in many elevators under various conditions: Such as elevators for riders and cargo only, elevators packed with people that need more than ten-minutes waiting time, and this one, which he remembered the most vividly: It was an elevator in an office building that he visited a lot, its lights and screen were broken and once inside, you will step into absolute darkness and could only guess which floor you’re on.
He said he often felt that in this darkness, there was a big hand choking him, making him Breathless. He was in a condition of serious depression.
He told me he once had a twin brother but didn’t survive when he was born. He said that recently his mental condition is slowly getting better, probably because another soul is sharing his body and helping him.